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Time to be Heard

Let's start listening

We have one mission. To grow our membership and get candidates ready for the next federal election.  Without sending elected members to Ottawa we can accomplish very little as a federal party. 


We need a clear, focused plan to run quality candidates in the next election and win seats.  And we need a leader committed to growing our party to do so.  We need a leader who is willing to listen to members and work tirelessly on creating a unified focused party able to win seats. 


The Maverick Party needs to move forward. We do this by being very clear about our objectives. Our Policies need to be outcome driven. We need to focus on the things we can actually accomplish. 

The Maverick Party will always be a voice for Western Canada. ALL of Western Canada.  This means building EDA's and running candidates in all 111 western ridings. We will never form government or desire to but we will be a powerful voice for western autonomy.  

Maverick Party has always stood for greater Western Autonomy. We need to be the federal voice assisting Western Provinces to get their Fair Deal. This means working with the provinces to have their own police force, collect income taxes, replace the CPP with a Provincial Pension Plan, and refuse to enforce federal legislation or judicial decision that intrudes on provincial rights or unfairly attacks the interests of their citizens. 

The Maverick Party must lobby for the success and development of ALL Western Industry. Western Canada is a very diverse supplier of goods and services. We have significant expertise in areas such as the Film Industry, Tourism, Innovative Technology, Fishing, Forestry, Recreation, as well as Mining and Oil & Gas. 

The Maverick Party must vigorously oppose all central government overreach. This means opposing the Carbon Tax, the No Pipelines Bill (Bill C-69), the West Coast Tanker Ban (Bill C-48), the seizure of weapons from law abiding Western Citizens and especially freedom violating acts like the Emergencies Act.

The Maverick Party must ensure that all its' elected MP's serve their communities. That means constant communication, town halls, free votes, and agree to an internal party recall system. At anytime if enough constituents feel their MP are not doing their job then they can trigger an automatic nomination vote.


The Maverick Party must strengthen it's digital roots campaign across all platforms. We must mobilize our grassroots to spread the Maverick Nation message to their peers to help stop Federal Overreach and create an autonomous Western Canada. 

The Maverick Party must ensure their Electoral District Associations (EDA's) have all the resources they need to be successful and find quality candidates to represent the Party. The EDA's are typically the first contact to the grassroots and need the open communication with the Governing Council to assist in the problems that may pop-up. The Governing Council, EDA's and the grassroots must work as a team to carry the Maverick Party into the future. 

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